Why you should buy Jo Hemp shoes?

We have amazing shoes!

They are made of hemp, which makes them special, but why should you start wearing our hemp shoes?

🔸 Because you want shoes that are tougher than a season.

🔸 Because you want shoes that when you get home, after a whole day, you don’t remember having them at your feet, so comfortable they are.

🔸 Because, especially in summer, your feet sweat and when you take off your shoes, you do not want to be forced to put them on the balcony for the bad smell, which often does not leave them anymore.

🔸 Because you want to be a little more sustainable and a vegetable fiber shoe, which requires less resources to be grown and processed, could be a good compromise, especially for the qualities that the fabric provides in return.

Did you know that Italy was the second producer of hemp and all the fabrics and ropes were made with this fiber, just for the quick growth and durability.
Unfortunately, the ancient traditions are getting lost in time.

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