Raw material: Hemp

Hemp is an extraordinary plant with incredible properties.

It does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides, which preserves the quality of the soil and the harvest product.

Hemp needs much less water to grow, compared to other plants from which to draw textile fiber; it is more resistant to climate change and especially does not impoverish the land on which it is grown.

The harvesting and transformation of hemp into fabric is not a simple process, it requires special machinery suitable to treat an extremely resistant fiber.

In Italy, it is very difficult to find such equipment, since the machinery used until 1920 for the cultivation and processing of hemp fiber, have now been abandoned.

The indifference of the institutions towards an extremely innovative and ecological sector, such as that of textile hemp, slows down and often blocks projects such as ours.

We must admit that even the indifference and ignorance of consumers to a product such as our hemp shoes has posed many difficulties.

Unfortunately, we have noticed, that nobody explains to the consumer, why should choose a shoe in hemp compared to other shoes on the market, made with synthetic fabrics or just as ecological.

Using hemp for our shoes is not just a matter of sustainability.

Our project was born to create a shoe that is comfortable and durable over time, improving the health of the feet and the quality of walking.

For this reason we try to enhance the fact that all our models have both the upper, but ABOVE ALL the inner lining and insole in hemp fabric.

This makes the difference between Jo Hemp shoes an other brands.

In fact it is essential that the foot is in direct contact with the hemp fabric, so that you can benefit from all the properties of this fabric.