Nature at your feet

canapa tessuto

All stages of production are based in Ukraine

The hemp fabric covers our shoes externally and internally. This allows the foot a complete breathability, ensuring a constant internal temperature. For this reason, hemp shoes made by Jo Hemp, can be worn during all seasons.

To ensure a comfortable walking, our inner insoles are latex covered with hemp fabric. Latex takes the shape of your foot and you’ll feel like you’re walking on a soft pillow even after a whole day.

canapa soletta estraibile

Removable and washable insoles

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Elasticity, flexibility, wear resistance, low deformation rate.

We only choose the best materials for the outer soles of our models. For optimal walking and a quality product, our shoes are finished with lightweight, flexible, durable and recyclable soles.


Hemp for a timeless style


Comfort and lightness at your feet


Hemp for a timeless style

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